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Michigan’s 2014 HVAC Rebate Programs for Southeastern Homeowners

Michigan utility company's offer homeowners several incentives to install energy efficient HVAC equipment that reduce energy loss throughout the year. These company's support the installation of energy efficient HVAC equipment through substantial rebates. Below are some examples of the rebates being offered in Southeastern Michigan.

The DTE Energy (Gas) – Residential Energy Efficiency Program offers the following rebates for the installation of energy-efficient equipment within the home:

Programmable Thermostat: $10-$20
Refrigerator Recycling: $40
Dehumidifier and A/C Recycling: $20
Home Energy Audit: Up to $75
Furnace: Up to $500
Furnace Tune-up: $50
Boiler: $1000 – $1250
Storage Water Heater: $75
Tankless Water Heater: $100
The Consumers Energy (Electric) – Residential Energy Efficiency Program offers these rebates:

Programmable Thermostat: $10
Central A/C and Heat Pumps: $150 – $250
Central A/C Tune up: $50
Ground Source Heat Pump: $200-$300
Room A/C: $25
Dehumidifier: $25
ECM Blower: $100

If you have any questions regarding these Michigan’s 2014 HVAC Rebate Programs for Southeastern Homeowners and how you can qualify to receive them, please contact us at Solrac Heating & Cooling, we'll be happy to advise you on your options.
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Protecting your heating unit and water heater from flood water

We've experienced a lot of rain fall lately which has unfortunately caused many basements to be flooded. There is no question that flood water is very damaging to your home and its components. Not surprisingly, if your furnace or water heater gets flooded, it will probably cease to function. This can lead to very high repair costs that may not be covered under your insurance policy--especially if you don't have a flood insurance policy.

Here are a few options to protect your heating unit and water heater from flood water.

1. If you've been flooded and are having your existing furnace or hot water heater repaired or replaced, consider having it relocated at the same time and you should consider to raising your equipment. It will probably be cheaper to combine these projects than to carry them out at different times.

2. Likewise, if you've not been flooded, it may still be wise to have your system checked an possibly raised in the event of flood waters, your equipment will be protected.

3. If you need to unfortunately replace your equipment, you should consider upgrading, not only will it save you money on your heating bills, it may also make you eligible for a rebate from your utility companies.

4.If you decide to protect your heating equipment and water heater with a flood wall, remember that you will need enough space in the enclosed area for system repairs and routine maintenance. Also, depending on its height, the wall may have to be equipped with an opening that provides access to the enclosed area. Any opening will have to be equipped with a gate that can be closed to prevent flood waters from entering.

5. Additionally, changes to the plumbing, electrical system, and ventilating ductwork in your house must be done by a licensed contractor, who will ensure that the work is done correctly and according to all applicable codes. This is important for your safety.

If you have any questions, regarding your equipment, please contact us a Solrac Heating and Cooling, we're here to assist you.
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