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Thank You
                             Thank You “Thank
you,” Bruce’s father said as he took my hand and shook it with great vigor.
“Thank you for taking such good care of my son.” He
shook my had again. I’m not sure I deserve this. Not
deserve thanks after toiling f...

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My Surgery
started about three and a half years ago: an episode of pain in my abdomen. Not
terrible pain, but a gnawing pain in my upper abdomen, coupled with a queasy
feeling. Probably just my GERD acting up. I
took my Prilosec and ...

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Super Bowl Prediction 2017
that time of year again. The national day of beer, pizza, occasionally clever
commercials and one over hyped game. The Super bowl is upon us again. Super
Bowl LI. When
I first read about it I wondered who or what LI was. I ...

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                             Memo to the Medical
Staff From
the CEO, A
discussion at the recent meeting of the Hospital Employee Safety and Serenity
(HESS) Committee brought to light work conditions which have caused some of our
employees to experience feel...

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Walking Miss Daisy
four years ago Miss Daisy wandered or was abandoned into our life. It was a
typical Sunday. I was at the hospital making patient rounds when a call from my
wife. “I
found two dogs in the circle,” she reported. “I’m texting you their pict...

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The Joy of Surgery
was a bit exhilarating. By all accounts it should have been a mundane simple
case. Tom was the patient. He had suffered with tuberculosis thirty years ago,
but was pronounced cured after his treatment. Now he had a ne...

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Day of the Gallbladders
looked like it was going to be a good day. I wasn’t on call, I would be off the
weekend and all I had scheduled for the day was four elective cases, all
laparoscopic cholecystectomies. How could the day be any bette...

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                            We read a great deal these days about President Obama’s
legacy, about he is trying to create a list of accomplishments which historians
will cite as the highlights of his eight years in office. But, when we think about our former...

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A Horse is a Horse of Course...
was a cowboy in the rodeo. He also was responsible for keeping me up for most
of three nights in a row. He was the fortunate survivor of a run in with a very
angry horse. Animals
are supposed to be our friends, ...

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Why Did This Happen?
was a Whipple. Not Mr. Whipple of Charmin fame, but the operation which carried
the name of Whipple. The proper name is Pancreatoduodenectomy and it is a
procedure which most surgeons decline to undertake. Named
for Allen Whipple, the...
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