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AccuRC Basics: Tuning Cyclic and Yaw Responsiveness

This time we are going to talk about tuning cyclic and tail responsiveness.

This is best done from Fly mode as it lets you quickly try your new setting.

To set the cyclic click on the AH720 button on the left of the screen. "Cyclic Agility" is the rotation rate at full stick in degrees per second 360 is 1 full rotation per second

Stick Exponential adjusts the sensitivity around the centre bigger number makes it less sensitive, in general you want to keep this as low as you are comfortable with as what you gain around the centre you lose towards the edges this can make flying moves that require big stick movements difficult to control

To set the Tail speed is set in just the same way in the button below.

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AccuRC Basics: Collective Pitch Range

This time we are going to talk about tuning the collective pitch range to suit your personal preference.

First thing we need is the pitch gauge. There are 2, one like you would see on the real thing and just txt. You got to this by right clicking the blades or left clicking in the side panel this then gives you the option to turn them on.

next we open up the flybarless settings, It's a good ideal to first try the different flybarless modes to get closest to what you are after then use the "collective throw" in the M2 menu to get the exact value.

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Flybarless Presets are a base bunch of known good settings that get you going. From "sport" for beginners with a reduced pitch range and nice docile cyclics and yaw up to "extreme" for those that have an aversion to moving the stick more than half way!

You can also set the default setting means that when you import a new model from the hanger it will always come with the default you like best.

This is found in Home - Settings - Simulation

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Not bought it yet? only £55 from

FREE UPDATE! New Sceneries, New Models massive FPV playgrounds plus performance improvements and bug fixes.

AccuRC Version 2.0.1 is now available to download with new models, sceneries and a whole stack of bug fixes and performance improvements head to the download page now.

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AccuRC supports SBUS/ppm/spektrum wireless siming, if you dont have a tx capable of that then here is another option to get you flying wirelessly


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+Jonas Wackershauser giving the Chronos a beating in AccuRC 2.0.1 that's currently in beta.

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Coming in the next update are a bunch of new models including the warp 360 from Compass
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