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odd ui bug, select all on the suggested user page selects all 408 suggested people, not just the 20 ones that you've left selected, and with the drag and drop interface there is no undo. Seems like I've a lot of circle editing to do now.
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Kamal G
In 1998, Microsoft turned down Google! 2011, Google pls do hire me, I promise you plenty more billions.
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Gavin Bell

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This so needs a separate client, but then I come by the google search results page several time a day. So it is discoverable.
Having multiple google accounts remains a hindrance though, seems to be neigh impossible to merge a google gmail account and a normal google account
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Thanks +Hector Hurtado -- I've since discovered if you sign out entirely and then open the tabs in a particular order (which I've promptly forgotten) things will behave. Next time my session resets I'll check out that chrome extension.
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