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Building a Reading Revolution, One Page at a Time
Building a Reading Revolution, One Page at a Time

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Wednesday October 10, 2012, 11:00 am MST, 1-Hour
Jump Start Your Book Marketing:  Strategies to Success

Wednesday October 10, 2012, 10:00 am Pacific Time, 1-Hour
Congratulations on having successfully published a book. Now for the reality of marketing it.
If you are like most authors, one or more of the following thoughts has likely crossed your mind:
“I’m overwhelmed by all this social media stuff that book marketing experts tell us to do and don’t know how to gain traction.”
“Something must be wrong with me!  Other authors seem to know what they’re doing getting buzz and publicity for their book
“ARRR!....Just got my eBook royalty check for $32.50.” :(
“I keep scheduling these author events where I receive little or no foot traffic and book sales.”
“If I could afford a high end consultant to market my book, I’d turn it over to them in a hot second.”
And the ultimate:
“Frankly, I’m just not the best at promoting my book even though I think it’s a gem”
If you are seeking solutions to these and other book marketing issues, you are not alone. Attend this high octane, strategy rich online seminar to discover a wealth of secret tips for increasing your book sales.  You will learn:
·      Little known tools from successful authors for creating an avalanche of both paperback and eBook sales.
·      Keys to effectively leveraging radio, video and social media opportunities to generate buzz.
·      Ideas for creating and capitalizing on high foot traffic author events that create a feeding frenzy of buyers at your autograph table.
And TONS more!
Your Facilitators: Michael Scott and Wendy Duncan are co-partners Bookmark Group, LLC, a Denver-based firm that supports authors in successfully marketing their books through radio, video and social media. Their radio talk show, Bookmark Radio, features compelling conversations on a weekly basis with both new authors as well as those who have written bestsellers. In this webinar they share honest lessons about the marketing mistakes they made as authors and how to overcome them.
Who Should Attend:
Authors, Book Publicity Agents, Speakers
Your Investment of $79.00
Space is limited so register now HERE  


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Tune in today at 4:00 pm MST at to listen to our interview with Bob Topp, owner of Hermitage Books in Denver. Here is a brief excerpt of a recent interview we did with Bob about his passion for rare books.

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We are stoked about our our first Bookmark TV broadcast featuring Ernie Jackson, author of the book Quinton's Messages. if you are either an author in the Denver area or one visiting the area, we would love to discuss having you on our show. The show fee is a very affordable $155.00. We'll market your book before, during and after the show as well as conduct an interview of you for our blog. Email us at or call 303-578-0791 if you have an interest.

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Our first edition of Bookmark TV featuring Ernie Jackson, author of the book Quinton's Messages is now live.

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I will continue rhe revolution that Ron Paul started. 

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We are always on the lookout for compelling books that of interest to our growing audience of listeners. If you are an author interested in being featured on a future show please send a copy of your book along with your contact information to Bookmark Radio, 1624 Market Street, Suite 202, Denver, CO 80202. Or contact us at bookmarkradio @ gmail dot com. Our website is

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We are excited to have Dr James Jackson, founder of Project Cure and author of the book Happiest Man in the World joining us for our first mobile broadcast on Monday August 13th. If you are in the Denver area join us for this at Aviano Coffee, 3031 2nd Ave in Denver's Cherry Creek North District. The broadcast will begin at 4:00 pm so be sure to get there early so you can secure a good seat.

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Mary is a power business partner of mine and a great friend. You'll definitely want to watch this if you are looking to boost your business. 
Experience Pros Radio Show Interview - The Butterfly Creative
If you missed it, it's here!

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The plight of job hoppers. Is there value to a "jump around" approach to finding your career direction?
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