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I make happy clients.
I make happy clients.

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Shuttle Endeavour Through LA Streets
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Another day, another 5-10 apps to update on my phone that I never use. There's a reason I have these apps, right?

Having some issues setting up Google Calendar on my wife's iPhone 3GS last night. Driving me nuts so I'm posting here in hopes someone might have an idea.

We have tried various ways of sharing calendars and it always ends up broken. I decided to set up a calendar for her inside my Apps account, and imported her calendar into it. I then set up a new exchange account in her 3GS for my apps account, and only selected calendars show for it.

I then went to the page to make sure that calendar was selected. (This is the stupidest thing ever and I wish this step was unnecessary) Refreshing iCal then showed the new calendars like expected, with one caveat: the new calendar I'd created for here won't show.

I've rebooted the phone, deleted and re-added the account, even danced naked under a full moon for a bit. Nothing works. Why won't her 3GS pull down one calendar while it does pull down all the others?

Any ideas here would be wonderful. Google searches are bringing me nothing but tears.

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Let's talk backups, shall we? It's another new year, and backups are important.

What's your current backup situation like for your computer? I'm mostly concerned with laptop use here, but any setup can chime in.

My current setup:
• 1TB external USB drive for Time Machine and storage of archived work files.
• 500GB external Firewire drive for making SuperDuper! clones, happens 2-3x a week.

The 1TB drive is becoming an issue. There are times when I need temporary storage for moving large amounts of files and the 1TB is already filling up with backups. Buying another 2 or 3TB drive will suffice for now, but also means another drive/enclosure filling my junk closet up. I already have enclosures 3 sitting unused.

I'm getting conflicting advice on Drobo(, good/bad. A quick trip to Fry's Electronics tonight left me with more questions than answers.

So, what's a guy to do? Suggestions welcome.

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