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Pinay Single Mom ♥
Pinay Single Mom ♥


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What Do You Call The Pain Caused By Someone Who Is Yet To Be?
It's a pain a few, or probably no one,
would understand. People often cry over the loss of
someone--- may it be due to a broken relationship or through death--- a pain
that is easily explained and hopefully understood. But how can you put into
words the pai...

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The Filipino Is STILL Worth Dying For
I saw this meme yesterday in Facebook and it kept me up til the sun started to shine out my window: During one of our daily lunch conversations, my son told me that the politician pictured last above will just continue to pay up lawyers, the courts, the vot...

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Obsessed with Irish Crochet!
Working on Fiddle Head Fern Leaf I have always been in awe of the craftsmanship of Irish crochet lace when I saw them for the first time after being hooked on Pinterest . After a long search (yeah, despite Google!) I finally found a video tutorial of a popu...

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You're Fat, You're Too Sexy, You're Too... Whatever, Just Know You Should Feel Bad About Yourself!
"Taba mo na." (You're fat) Wow. And the woman who told me this was 3x my weight! I don't mean to judge her too but just couldn't help it. Because in that moment, it didn't matter to this person who I was or what I do or what I have accomplished so far, only...

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Freeform Crochet Necklace
For my soul sister Arlene's 40th birthday, I wanted to make something quite special for her. As I've recently started an affair with freeform crochet, I decided to make a fabulous statement necklace.  Arlene's Birthday gift Close up It's even more awesome t...

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Parents Get Hurt Too
Most of the time, our children think we are these creatures who are in their lives to meddle into their affairs constantly, dictators who merely exist to torture them into doing chores they think they shouldn't be doing and/ or credit cards without limits t...

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Tweet of the Week: @TheSingleWoman
Love...TRUE love...doesn't hurt, doesn't lie, doesn't leave, doesn't make you cry. #TheSW — TheSingleWoman™ (@TheSingleWoman) January 8, 2015

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With my Marti

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Pinay Single Mom
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Terrifying, Strange and Beautiful
I am an extremely introspective person.  I love that about myself. It's what made me survive puberty, heartaches, loss of family and friends, single motherhood and many other events in my life that an average person would not have withstood without an anest...
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