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The best Thai food in Fresno. I'm lucky to live right down the street from their restaurant. I've never actually eaten in, but I order pick-up all the time, and I'm consistently impressed by their food. It's a great middle-ground between quality and affordability - I'd say the consumer wins out on this one. They have great healthy options and vegetarian dishes too, which is important to me when I want to indulge and still manage my weight. Their spiciness scale, which operates on a 1-10, is brutal. I am a lover of spicy food - really spicy food. I've wept over bowls of scalding pho and loved it. But the scale at SaBaiDee is dangerous. I ordered a seven once and nearly gave myself an ulcer. I can't imagine what a ten tastes like - probably like being squirted in the mouth with bear mace. In all, I don't think you'll find better Thai food in the city. They are regularly packed, which is probably why I order to-go so often (I don't like crowds). The servers there are uniformly polite, professional, petite, and pretty, too. Nothing but good experiences.
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The owner is one of the most convivial and delightful men I've met in recent memory. The art of bonsai is something I hadn't appreciated before, but now I am far more attached to my little tree than I could ever be to a cat or dog. These trees are the purest expression of life. He will advise you, coach you, and set you up with something suited to your needs and level of experience - these trees are not houseplants. They can be difficult to take care of. Listen to his counsel, he is wise.
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