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We're mentioned in an article on small footprint, prefab homes!
But clarification- "For families with children who want their own bedrooms, a small, prefab home is not the answer, says Copeland Casati"

I meant the size of home the article was talking about: 500ish sf.
We actually had a big discussion on this sf. size- in my opinion, once your baby turns into a toddler with another baby on the way, families then want more bedrooms, and more bedrooms equals a tad more space. That doesn't mean it has to be a McMansion, but the feedback I have received is that people want bedrooms. And I have not seen American families having one children's room vs. a "boy" and "girl" room. More bedrooms = slightly larger, yet still small footprint homes.

I'd like to note all our "small" prefab homes accommodate most families easily- my 1,200 has three bedrooms where we sleep child after child after child on the weekends! : )

See our prefabs here:

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Just got the re-engineered prefab up, a passive solar modern house kit from! > CornerHouse:

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Prefab Passive Solar House Kits From Green Cabin Kits!
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