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I love learning new computer programming languages which expand my ways of thinking about computation. I also love when new languages obsolete crufty old languages. There have been many attempts to create a better systems programming language able to fully replace C and C++. Honorable mentions go to Ada, Eiffel and D, but no cigar. A brand new language Rust, sponsored by Mozilla, might just do the trick. Rust is still a bit wet behind the ears, i.e. it's still in beta and a few more destabilizing changes may still occur before the imminent 1.0 release, but after that any later changes will be backwards compatible. Before working on some serious programs I warmed up with
FizzBuzzInRust - Learning basic Rust via variations on the FizzBuzz game.
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I'm also loving the intelligent software behind the interactive e-book

the e-book software is truly remarkable, as it
- keeps track of the reader's progress
- allows almost all examples to be run, edited, re-run
- has tools for sharing

I also really like the idea of leading with examples and providing well-chosen links for more depth.  This is how to share knowledge and facilitate learning.
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I am a designer of systems: Software, Hardware, Enterprise and more. This is my business profile.

I love design challenges, especially those involving computer software - so please bring me some! I love seeking new knowledge, putting it to practical use and making it available to others. I'm currently working on new ideas in database systems and web-based collaborative information systems.


* Complex Software Design & Implementation
* Leveraging Open Source Free Software
* Developing & Delivering Technical Training
* Advanced Software Development Tools & Techniques
* Software tools increasing productivity
* Generic, Functional, Relational, Deductive Programming
* Object Relational Database Systems - PostgreSQL, etc.
* Declarative Concurrency, STM, Metaprogramming, etc.
* Architectural Patterns: Frames, Schemas, Blackboards, etc.

Bragging rights
I was one of the creators of the UCSD P-System. I've designed and implemented many other advanced software systems. I've written several books and training courses on the Design and Implementation of Computer Software Systems. My consulting projects have been highly succesful.
  • University of California, San Diego
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Research, Development, Training
Analysis, Design, Implementation, Training and Consulting.
  • Learning Tree International
    Training, Consulting
  • NGender Consulting Group
    Computer Software Research, Development, Training, present
  • University of California
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