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Rob Bell
Works at Rob Bell Web Design
Attended Chartered Institute of Marketing
Lives in Wakefield
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Rob Bell

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Yay, Google have finally released a migration tool for Google Apps users who had to set up a non-GAPE profile for G+ when they weren't enabled on our Apps account. Finally, we can combine our circles - yay Google!

You can go to "Google Takeout" and start your circles migration here:
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Rob Bell

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Anybody have any idea when the Google Plus Migration Tool for all us paying Google Apps users is going to be launched?

I've been waiting for months - and don't see much point in interacting with an account that won't exist soon... I'd rather just be able to move all my circles and followers to my Apps account, from where I'd use G+ lots more than I do now...
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Rob Bell

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Einstein's a year old now, I can't believe how time has flown, and how much he's grown from the puppy who fitted in my hand...

Loving Cinegram - part photo, part film - it's how I made this animated photo of Einstein -
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Rob Bell

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My puppy Einstein was one today, so spoiled him rotten - new harness, chew treats and a couple of new toys, his tail hasn't stopped wagging all day. Here he is in his first birthday photo.

I'm so lucky to have him in my life, he's a top boy.
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Rob Bell

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So true...
The Next Web originally shared:
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Congress must not be allowed to introduce new blocking laws, or US (and therefore, the rest of us countries too) will end up with it's own great firewall of China, and the Internet will no longer be the Internet we helped create, but one lost in a mire of rules and regulations that prevent it being the great global equaliser and the best communication device Mankind has ever created.
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Rob Bell

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I'm not updating this account very often now - I'm using my Google Apps sign-in now they've enabled Apps accounts. When they finally install the migration tool, I'll be combining this account with this one:

Find me at
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Rob Bell

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So Google introduced a new Dropbox-like online storage service today... but I can't use it. I wonder whether that's because I'm in the UK, or because I have the paid version of Google Apps... Whatever the reason, grrrr! You're lucky I don't have my main PC cos it's in for fixing, Google or I'd have fired off a shitty email :D
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Rob Bell

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I would really love an option to centre (or center if you're in the US ;) ) my Google+ stream in the middle of my screen, who do I have to sleep with!?!? I hate pages that are over to the left like my stream is right now... they offend mine eyes!!! :D
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New haircut so time for a change of pic!
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Rob Bell

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Heh :)
If Apple made water.
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Rob Bell

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Ferris Bueller's back?

Coming Soon

I think this is the perfect example of an ad that really works against the advertiser...

How many people see this 10 sec teaser and think "Brilliant, Ferris Bueller's back, but grown up... This is exciting!"

Turns out that it's an ad for Honda though, how disappointed are you now?

Bad move Honda, you've disappointed the generation you're trying to reach, and we haven't even seen the full ad yet!
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Mostly Harmless Web-Working, Business-Building, Tech-Loving, Yorkshire-Living Gent! I help Business and Individuals use the Internet to their advantage better through Web Design & Hosting, Web Applications, E-Commerce, Mobile Devices and the Cloud
I'm Rob Bell, the just-turned-40 year old (on Jan 9th - monetary gifts please!) owner of Rob Bell Web Design and Ex Ignibus, where we enable businesses like your own - of all types and sizes - and individuals, to grow using the Internet - through web design, social media, search engine optimisation (SEO), database/subscriber marketing, research, strategy, marketing promotions and advertising.

I bring businesses into the 21st Century, sometimes kicking and screaming! RBWD design professional websites using mostly Wordpress because we believe it's the easiest system for our clients to learn and use.

I've been on computers since I was 8, and the Internet since 1990. I even remember life before the World Wide Web, but I wouldn't want to live there again! My first TV was a black and white one, my first computer the same.

Outside work I spend too much time on my PC... I used to love RTS gaming at a very high level, but never find the time anymore - 10 years ago, I'd have kicked your butt on Red Alert or Age of Empires! I recently got a XBox360 from a friend, and am currently taking on the Hordes in Gears of War 3 - look me up on XBox Live

I fear losing months of my life to Skyrim, and I've never played World of Warcraft due to similar fears - I actually have a life rule covering it - WoW must never be installed on any of my PCs, or it might result in my departure from the real world for more time than I have to spare! 

My only other life rule covers tattoos - I have to want the same one in the same place for 2 years before I can get it... what's 2 years compared to a lifetime? I still have no tattoos at the age of 39!

I enjoy photography, trying to effectively capture brief moments in time. I also love taking care of my Black Labrador Retriever puppy, Einstein (born in March 2011). 

I like most styles of music, but Electronica most of all - artists like Ladytron, The Prodigy, Orbital and the Plump DJs. Madness are my all-time favourite band, I've loved them since I was a child.

I used to love Extreme sports, until I had 2 fantastically fun and exciting falls, spoiled only by the terrible, painful, crippling landings at the end that broke my back twice. I now walk with the aid of a walking stick, but dream at the speed of light! I know I have a purpose in my life, but I'm not 100% sure what it is yet.

I am mostly harmless. 
(If you are in your 30s/40s and played Elite in your youth, you'll 'get' that!)

Find out more about me on my personal site - Rob Bell

Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2012 gives you everything you want, and deserve, from life. Onwards and upwards!

Jan 2012 Update - I lost about a month to Skyrim and ran up approximately 173 hours of gametime, lol! Fortunately I was off work after 2 operations on my feet, and a recent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome diagnosis, so had a lot of free time for the first time in ages... then it was Xmas hols so even more gaming time - and a new game!

Finally unwrapped FIFA12 after it had sat on the shelf untouched for weeks, and have played it more than I expected - although that's mainly because I have an Ultimate Team built with my friend, so we always play it when he's round. When I'm gaming solo, I'm playing AC Revelations at the moment, it's especially epic and a wonderful end(?) to Desmond's/Altair's/Ezio's  story.

Having completed the Skyrim main quest and many, many, many, side stories and quests, I'm taking a short break from the game, to try out my other games that aren't yet unwrapped... Battlefield 3 is sat in its wrapper on the shelf, calling to me.."open me Rob, put my disc in your XBox, we must have War!" I'm not falling for it though! 

Just about to redesign my living room so I can play Kinect properly, it requires a more minimalist space than what exists right now! I've cleared some space, but it demands more, even using the 'Zoom' lens unit for small rooms... I have Kinect games to play, so I'm completely changing the room around, and mounting the TV on the wall to clear an extra 3 foot for the Kinect!

Einstein is now almost 10 months old - he's no longer a tiny puppy, he's a very tall Labrador, weighing in at a very trim 32 kgs - and he's growing bigger every day. Strangely, from being the runt of the litter, he is now the biggest of his 7 brothers and sisters, and is bigger than his parents to. I feed him Orijen dog food, which must be doing him the power of good. He's a really happy puppy, a bit clumsy, a bit daft sometimes, a lot happy all the time - I often think he could take off if he wagged his tail any harder! 

He's clever and obedient - unless he spots another dog, when this happens he becomes stone deaf to my calls and sprints off after the dog - no matter how far he's spotted it from. Being unable to run due to my disability means it normally takes me a while to catch up with him then he gets put back on the lead for the rest of the walk!

Bragging rights
Award Winning Marketer, Youngest Ever Chartered Marketer, Font of Web Knowledge, Apostle of the Internet, Died Once
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing
    Chartered Marketer, Postgraduate DipM in International Marketing, 1994 - 2004
  • University of Bradford
    BSc(Hons) Business and Management Studies, 1991 - 1994
  • Silcoates School
    4A Levels, 11 O Levels, 1 GCSE, 1979 - 1989
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Internet & Marketing Professional, Cloud Computing, Web Designer, Entrepreneur, Futurist, Tech Living Exponent
  • Rob Bell Web Design
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  • Award Winning Marketing Pro, Internet Specialist. I grow companies through better use of the Internet including Web Design, Marketing, Social Media and SEO. I also like photography, music (electronic), reading, gardening and gaming. I talk mainly about online business, marketing, photography and my dog, sometimes I'm a bit random!
  • British Webmasters
    Co-Owner, 2010 - 2012
  • Ex Ignibus
    Owner, 2008 - 2011
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