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Check out this video on YouTube:

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Week 14-15
In discussion with my principle, we both agreed that the
schools are struggling to keep up with the technology changes that are occurring
in the state. The school’s main reason for this is resistance by the teachers
to the changes that are happening. Many t...

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K-12 online learning part 2
I think for the most part I was correct in most of the things that I posted in my initial thoughts on K-12 online learning.   I was correct in thinking that schools offer online classes that are not offered as part of the regular curriculum, ever I thought ...

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K-12 online Learning
I know a fair amount about K-12
online learning. I know that many elective classes in our building are being
offered as hybrid classes. These classes have students meet once a week and
then the other days are online learning days. I also know that our schoo...

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Judging the Quality of Wikis and Non-vetted Sites
As far as Wikipedia goes I do allow my students to use it as
a source. I ask them to trey and validate all the information they find by
using multiple sources for the information that they include into their
projects. I think allowing kids to use all types ...

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Building and Refining your PLN                 This is a blog I added to my list because I follow
and like their ideas on twitter. I am not sure that it counts so I did four but
I figured if I like their twitter post I’ll probably enjoy their blog too. http://handheld...

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IT 6230 Unit 2 Blog
I currently teach at Lakeshore high school in
St. Clair Shores Michigan. I teach physical education and a few sections of
health. In this current trimester I am teaching more health then in the last
two years. Therefore I'm going to use health as the class ...

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IT 6230 Unit 1 Blog
As a high school teacher I have only worked with students in
the Millenial generation. I am a part of that generation as well as I am 30
years old and born in 1984. I can remember exactly where I was and what I was
doing when some of the events they mention...

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