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Mara Acoma
Just wandering through life with my camera :)
Just wandering through life with my camera :)


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Blog post up about the Near Death Experience Survey. Please help me get the word out to teach as many people as possible by sharing..... Thanks

#nde #neardeathexperience

"NDE Survey - Help Needed"

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My morning cuppa. Note I've been given it in a Starbucks cup with a Costa lid but the brand inside isn't either lol. #Costa #starbucks #tea #confused

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Out today doing some more test shots with the Nikon. Brrrrr is definitely getting cold now

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Squeeeee - there is now a sparkly new website :)

Let me know what you think :)

Just signed up to Instagram. Yeah I know I'm late to the party lol. If you're over there let me know. My user name is acomam :)


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Remember the post about posting more here? Guess this answers the question :(

SSsqqquuuuueeeeeeee....... Just heard that my image from the EEF Made In Britain Photography Awards will be showcased by Canon at the upcoming International Festival for Business. Hehe that raised my spirits this afternoon  :)

#EEF #canonphotography #CanonUK #madeinbritain #happy  

So after quite a break from regularly posting here on G+ I'm wondering about giving it another go?  Do you all think there is much point?  I've not seen much, if any, engagement in recent months when I have posted over here.  not even sure if anyone is seeing my posts anymore......

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Waiting at the Church

Photographer : Mara Acoma
Model : Ann Crick

A ghostly woman in a wedding dress waits forlornly at the enterance to a burnt out ruined church. Why does she wait? What happened to her? Does she keep that lamp by her feet burning for someone through the years to enternity?

New listings up on the Etsy shop.

website :

(C) Mara Acoma, L Woodmass
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