Followers of my craft coffee experiences might remember that, in general, my experiences with cafes that use a Bunn brewer have not been so good.

There's always exceptions, and Timberyard is one such. They had a couple of roasters on the menu when I wisited, including Drop, which I'd already had in Stockholm, so I went with Climpson & Sons, a roast from El Salvador dubbed El Martillo.

I liked the look of the cafe, although when I wisited it was a bit cramped, so much so that the presentation of the coffee, on a large tray that included a bottle of water, would have been a tight squeeze between the customers on either end. I just took the coffee, though, and the taste ended up being marvelous--great stuff.

I was in a bit of a hurry to go see a film, so I was not able to fully take in the wibe of the place, but my impression was that I really like it and would want to go back.
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