Boy howdy, I remember that half a decade ago, when I first sought out craft coffee in New Orleans, pickings were slim, and my first experience was underwhelming.

Gradually, though, options seem to have expanded, and this time around I found a Thrillist blog that was just chock full of options. I started with Mojo because of its proximity to where I camped out on Friday night, and they offered me an excellent batch-brewed cup of a Costa Rican roast.

The space has a lively atmosphere, sitting inside this older building and giving off a historical wibe, not at all modern or sterile. Plenty of space and wifi, although the space seems more suited to socialising than working--this is New Orleans after all.

Lots of coffee options in NOLA, but Mojo definitely belongs in my rotation when I have time to reconnect with shops that I've already been to.
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