Minneapolis and Saint Paul have an abundance of craft coffee options, and to be honest it never even occurred to me to look for options outside of MSP, but I was running behind yesterday and did not make it up there as I'd planned. Thus, once I neared Mankato and got phone reception back, I looked for coffee options and called one of the cafes. That barista reported that they did not have a single-origin option this morning, but he went on to recommend River Rock Coffee in a town called Saint Peter, not far up US-169.

I wonder how many charming coffeehouses, serving great coffee, exist in small towns like Saint Peter, cafes that I've not tried hard enough to find because I tend to focus on the larger cities. Would have been a shame if I'd skipped River Rock, because they serve one of my favourite roasters, Kickapoo. Being in a small town, they also have the benefit of easy, free parking and plenty of room, as well as fast wifi, plenty of outlets, and even tall tables.

Additionally, the baristas were exceptionally friendly and helpful, and after enjoying the coffee, I was able to take away a pretty tasty breakfast pie that hit the spot.
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