When I googled for the latest blog or guide to Montreal independent coffee, I was amazed, and a little overwhelmed, to find this list of FIFTY SHOPS!!!


My first pick was easy, though, Melk, because it was within walking distance from a fellow Scrabbler's home, where I had parked my car. Melk is a fairly small cafe, and I actually had to ask a customer to share her table so that I could sit down.

They do carry some good coffee, from both 49th Parallel and Detour, but they do not always have a single-origin offering on drip. I did not want a blend, so I went in a different direction and decided to try and Americano. Detour's roast is solid, and I enjoyed it despite the hint of espresso flavour that I'm not a fan of.

Super-friendly baristas and wifi, so this place is totes worth checking out if you don't mind being a little cramped.
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