Unfortunately, as soon as I arrived at this cafe, I was contacted by a friend who wanted to meet me and only had a small window of time, so I was not able to hang out, which is too bad because I love the space, and I love what La Marzocco is doing.

Each month (I think) they bring in a different roaster for a residency, and it's more than just serving their coffee. For example, I heard that Oslo's Tim Wendelboe shipped over their own ceramics to use.

Alas, I missed the Tim Wendelboe by a day, but I did get to enjoy an excellent cup from Toby's Estate. My last couple of experience with Toby's had not lived up to my initial cups, years ago, but the Colombia that I was served was excellent.

I love cafes that showcase coffees from different roasters, and I look forward to making my way back to La Marzocco as soon as possible.
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