Ugh, this was a pretty bad experience.

I chose Cocoa Beanery after calling Square One Coffee in Lancaster and being told that I could find their coffee in Hershey at this cafe. I figured that if Cocoa Beanery offered excellent coffee like Square One, they must be the real deal (craft coffee)...


The two Cocoa Beanery locations in Hershey are actually corporate entities, owned by Hershey Resorts, and their coffee, like food offerings, are what one would typically find at a theme park restaurant, where the focus is conwenience, not quality. As soon as I walked in and saw the setup I had my doubts, and then I spotted the Bunn-brewed batch coffee containers, one of them not even labeled, sitting there almost as an afterthought.

Before walking in, I'd already had a bad experience when I called the Hershey Lodge location and asked about the coffee, and the person who answered spoke to me quite dismissively (perhaps thinking I was some type of wendor). I was going to complain to the manager here at their Research Blvd location, but once I learned the ownership, I figured there was no point.

I was correct.

The coffee, something called Royal Sumatra, was pretty horrible. I'd had four previous Square One experiences and given them scores of 7.25, 7.25, 7.25, and 8, but what I tasted at Cocoa Beanery was at 6, at best. I tried to talk to the manager to find out why I could not find Royal Sumatra on Square One's website, and she did not seem to want to address my question or concern at all.

As much as I enjoy exploring new cafes, I wish that I had stopped into downtown Lancaster and gotten the real deal, because Cocoa Beanery was a complete waste of my time and money.
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