With several days in Vienna, I was excited when I dug up a blog listing about a dozen third wave coffee houses in the city, but when I started looking at their opening hours, I was dismayed to learn that not a one opened any earlier than 9 AM on Saturday, most 10 or 11 AM, nearly all closed on Sunday.

That meant I was only able to hit two shops, starting with Kaffee von Sascha on Friday morning, when the tournament began later, at 11 AM.

This coffeehouse is small and lacks wifi, which actually proved inconwenient when I needed to plot the fastest route to the tournament, but the barista was quite friendly and eager to talk to me about the coffee, in the limited time that I had.

The roast, branded for the cafe by a roaster from Amsterdam called Lot 61, was decent enough, but not among the best European coffees that I'd enjoyed in 2015 and 2016.

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