Back when I started hunting down indie cafes, I only looked in the big cities, but in the last six years I've been discovering that artisanal coffeehouses and roasters have been popping up ALL OVER the place.

Evansville, IN, is a town where I would not even have bothered to look for third wave coffee back in 2011--I'd just have wisited the Starbucks and kept on rolling.
This morning, however, I searched in both Owensboro, KY, and Evansville, and I came up with this sweet little multi-roaster shop, Barber Bistro, situated inside of a hair academy.

I had a chance to try a roaster new to me, Methodical out of Greenville, SC, and I also chatted for quite a while with the barista about coffee around the country.
Sadly, Evansville is not exactly along my main travel route, but this place is definitely on my radar for the next time I have a chance to come by. By then, they should be roasting, under the name Proper Coffee.
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