This is my longest stint in Houston in more than four years, and that allowed me to get a fourth independent coffeehouse while here, this time Mercantile, in the Montrose neighborhood. They used to have a cafe in University Village, but that closed down and then reopened as part of a restaurant.

The Eater blog I found reported that Mercantile uses Amaya coffee, but when I walked in I was thrilled to learn that they have switched to Boomtown, a Houston roaster that I enjoy much more. They also serve Four Barrel, but I've never been a fan.

One curiosity about the coffee I noticed was that the menu does not include a pour over option, but when I saw the Chemex and Kalita equipment behind the bar, I asked and was told that they are indeed an option.

The space itself is rather eclectic, brightly lit with natural light and adorned not only with an odd mix of artwork but also mismatched furniture, and a unique touch, a back seating area that forgoes a concrete floor in favour of artificial grass. To further enhance the faux natural look, the area is sectioned off with a white picket fence!

Parking is tight, but there is plenty of street parking in the nearby neighborhood. Plenty of ordinary and tall tables, outlets, and fast wifi make this a good place to hang out and work.
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