The moment that I read the blurb for Forthright in the Eater's guide to Austin coffee, and saw that they serve Sightglass coffee, I COULD NOT WAIT to get there in the morning. Sightglass is one of my favourite roasters, and I do not think that I have ever been disappointed by a brew of their coffee.

UNFORTUNATELY, this was the first Sightglass-serving cafe that did not have a single-origin offering, and the batch brew of the Blueboon blend just did not do it for me. To be clear, it was still a good cup of coffee, but it wasn't GREAT, which is what I've come to expect from Sightglass.

The space itself is a bit posh, attached to a hotel, or at least in the same building, with an expansive food menu. Parking is a bit tight in downtown Austin, but at least they DO have a parking lot with a few spaces.

Forthright does have outlets and fast wifi, but it just give off that wibe of being a great place to hang out and work for any length of time.
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