When I wisited my first indie cafe on Staten Island a couple of months ago, it occurred to me that I'd still not sought out craft coffee in the Bronx, so when I found myself with some extra time today, heading down to NYC, I did some googling and came up with Boogie Down Grind Cafe, which used to be called Birch.

They served coffee from Birch, and were initially partnered with them but now operate the cafe on their own. The space is tiny, even by New York standards, yet surprisingly offers a few outlets next to a wall, and wifi. The decor is quite interesting, and I would have wanted to spend more time there if I hadn't had to rush off to take a job interview.

The coffee itself, my first experience with Birch, was okay, but their Curtis-brewed Mexican is much too dark for my tastes. I'd try Birch again (they have multiple NYC cafes), but I'd want to try a lighter roast.

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