Toronto has A LOT of independent coffee, and whenever I google for blogs and lists, I am overwhelmed with choices. This blog has a whopping FIFTY cafes listed...

So, my process for narrowing down my choices has inwolved both taking to baristas, and also simple geographical proximity. That is the reason that I chose The Birchcliff, because it is just down Kingston Road from a new Starbucks that I needed to hit. Their coffee is from Brothers Coffee Roasters, a newer small batch roaster in the Toronto area. Unfortunately, the barista did not seem to know much about the coffee. She thought they came from Calgary, and when I asked if they offered a single origin pour over, she did not know what a pour over was, and I got an overall unfriendly wibe from her.

I did see a Brazilian roast from Brothers up on a shelf, so I'm still curious to try their coffee some place where I can get a better-brewed single origin roast. The blend that I had was a bit dark and not flavourful.

On the bright side, the blueberry scone I had was delicious, and The Birchcliff is indeed a good place to work, with wifi, outlets, tall tables, and free one hour parking on the road outside.
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