Unlike nearby Rebel Coffee Roastery, which strives for a European feel, Fort Myers' Java House offers a typical American coffeehouse experience.

They do not roast, but rather offer coffee from Java D'Oro in Cape Coral. When I wisited, they had not yet begun offering pour overs, only batch brewed coffee, BUT they did have a single-origin offering (Kenyan) in addition to a blend and French roast.

Java D'Oro's roasting profile not quite what I prefer, and a little darker, but I still enjoyed a good cup of coffee, and this cafe's location, right in downtown Fort Myers, with its brick streets, is a cute place to hang out.

The owner was quite welcoming and happy to discuss the coffee, and I'd be happy to pop back in here.

Final note--they also have waffles on the menu--always a plus for me.

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