With no proper Starbucks presence in Belgium, I was able to take my time and actually hang out and enjoy the ambiance at my Brussels coffeehouse experience, Or Coffee Roasters, which I read was one of the first to bring craft coffee to the city.

They roast their own bean, and the barista must have detected that I was serious about the coffee, because she alerted me to a natural-process Rwanda that was not on the menu. Quite excellent, and brewed on a Chemex for one. Many cafes only offer Chemex for two or threee, so it's refreshing to be able to order one without having to waste coffee.

The coffee was served with a little Belgian cookie-like pastry that I assume is called a "biscuit", because the packaging reads "biscuiterie".

Plenty of seating space, including a table next to an outlet right by the window, where I could walk the people walk by as I worked.

Quite pleased with my first Belgian coffee experience.
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