No shortage of new Starbucks to wisit during my day in Los Angeles, but I still wanted to make time to see a couple of indie houses, and Go Get Em Tiger was in the general area where I was Starbucking.

Greate selection of roasters, including Ritual, 49th Parallel, and the Colombian roast from Madcap that I selected, brewed in a Fetco as is becoming more and more common in coffeehouses across the U.S. (which are moving away from pour overs).

No electrical outlets though, and, even worse, rather dismissive looks from the baristas when I asked, rather than an apology. I realise that some coffeehouse owners have philosophies about how customers should talk to one another, or simply do not want to encourage camping, but given that phones are an integral part of most people's lives, and that travelers need to be connected in order to figure out directions, I think every cafe should have at least one outlet tucked away somewhere so that a customer who needs it can charge her phone.

Anyway, that issue aside, this medium-sized cafe is pretty and worth returning to for the coffee, and they also have a food menu that looks quite tasty, but is unfortunately overpriced. It would have cost me over $15 to get a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, and no matter how much money I make, that's a hard price to justify.
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