A barista at Or recommended My Little Cup over the other choices I had, so I headed there before going to the airport.

As she explained, the space is tiny, with just a few seats indoors, and some outside, but, surprisingly, there is indeed at least one outlet, and also wifi.
I did not see filter coffee on the menu, and when I asked about it, the barista explained that they had just received their shipment and had not had a chance to test it out yet. I replied that this was okay by me, and he selected a Belleville (Parisian roaster) bean from Honduras and prepared it a Kalita Wave.

The cup was good, but a bit pricey at €6.00, perhaps the most I've paid anywhere for a regular pour over, not a Siphon or Chemex. The barista indicated that the price had to do with the bean that he selected, which cost €38.00 for a bag, so I imagine some of the other coffees would be cheaper.

Special shout-out to the design of the seat cushions (I should have taken a photo)--I would love to see those on a t-shirt, or even the mural on the a side wall, a stylised depiction of two coffee cups.
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