I've not had a contract in Texas since 2006, and ever since Starbucks resumed aggressive store growth, plus relocations, I have not been able to keep up with the growth of the craft coffee movement, especially in Dallas.

This Friday morning before the North American Scrabble Championship was quite tight, as I had two Starbucks to see, and a fellow Scrabbler to pick up, but thankfully Method Coffee was just minutes away from where I camp out the night before.

I'm quite glad that I was able to pop in, though. The cafe is small, and perhaps not the best place to hang out and work when busy, despite the free parking, wifi, and outlets, but their choice of coffee at the moment, Onyx, was solid. I was particularly pleased that I had another excellent Rwanda experience, after not really enjoying coffee from that country during my first few years of my indie coffee quest.

Super friendly baristas, eager to talk about the coffee, make Method one of the top Dallas cafes that I want to rewisit when I have more time.
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