The last time I sought out indie coffee in Buffalo, during the North American Scrabble Championship in 2014, I found no worthwhile brews. I was told about one possibly decent roaster that operated in some market, but not all the time, so I never got to check them out.

Flash forward 2 1/2 years, and apparently the scene is quPrettite improved. We actually came to this part of town to try chicken wings from the source, the original Anchor Bar. We were about to head across the border, and it was much too late for coffee, but I decided to do a quick google anyway and found Caffeology not far away.

Pretty space, friendly baristas, and a pretty good brew that was all the more impressive because it was still good the next morning. Obviously, saving coffee until the next day is not ideal, but it was late, so I just had about a quarter to get a sense of the flavour, and I saved the rest. In my mind, it's a mark of quality if the taste holds up overnight, and this roast fit the bill.

The baristas clued me into a couple of other cafes that I need to check out in Buffalo, but I do hope to return to Caffeology.
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