Third wave coffee has exploded in New Orleans since I first started seeking it out, but surprisingly, not all of the cafes are open on Sunday.

French Truck Coffee was, and relatively close to the new Starbucks that I needed to wisit, so I popped in to try their roast. On drip they just had blends, but the V60 pour over is reasonably-priced at $3, and the barista's recommendation of a light roast, and Ethiopia Ardi, was pretty darn good.

The cafe itself is smaller that it initially looks, because the back room is actually the roaster, and without wifi and only one not-wery-conweniently-placed outlet, it's not a great place to hang out and work.

It's pretty though, and the decor incudes some nice touches like a mailbox that reads "POSTE" and "Toilettes" on the bathroom doors, and I look forward to returning one day
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