Kavarna is HUGE!!!

Up front there was only one outlet awailable for my laptop, so I needed to find another for my phone. I walked towards the back... and walked... and walked, and with easy step the space seemed to grow and reveal new hallways and corners, finally culminating in a large room that was about half a floor down.

As for the coffee, I chose this place because it was highly-ranked on a Wisconsin coffee tour blog I found, and because it serves Anodyne Coffee, which I remember enjoyed when I wisited them in Milwaukee a few years back. No pour overs, so I had a Fetco-brewed Sumatran roast that struck me as much too hot right out of the container. I had to wait quite a bit for it too cool, and once it did, I found it acceptable, but not as good as I remembered.

Not sure about the baristas, either--neither of the two who were working when I arrived seemed to friendly, and I was a bit put off when the barista who took my coffee order did not offer to help me found an outlet even though she clearly saw me wandering around, looking a little lost, with my phone in one hand and my charger in the other. I've been in similar situations many times, and typically the barista will notice that I am in need of an outlet and be proactive in helping me find one.
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