I first encountered Buddy Brew three years ago, at their original location on Kennedy, and truth be told, my memory now is so poor that I was not actually sure I'd ever been there, not without looking at my records.

This newest location is in a cute outdoor shopping are called Hyde Park Village, cuter still today, and every first Sunday of the month, because of an marketplace going out along the pedestrian plaza.

The cafe itself is greatly enhanced by its dog theme, the dog on the coffee and tea bags, and the sign that explicitly allows dogs on the patio.

Thought lively and a bit crowded, most customers seem not to prefer the counters next to the bar, and I was able to hang out there for quite a while, enjoying the coffee, outlets, and fast wifi.

The coffee itself was good, but a bit darker than I preferred (they only roast medium), but adding a little bit of hot water made it work for me.
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