Stumptown Coffee was the first craft coffee I ever enjoyed, back in the summer of 2011, but while I instantly found the coffee to be wastly superior to Starbucks, I soon discovered that the smaller indie operations were roasting up flavour profiles that appealed more to me.

Nevertheless, Stumptown is still a solid cup, when I can get a single origin roast (I'm not a fan of their Hairbender blend), so I'll continue checking out new locations.

I haven't kept up with them, so I was surprised to find one in the Southeast, in New Orleans, but it kind of makes sense, because it is in the Ace Hotel, a partnership that also exists in Portland and NYC.

This location is pretty, but of course this is New Orleans, where parking is difficult to find, and expensive, and the cafe's space itself lacks outlets--I had to walk back into the hotel to plug in my equipment. And of course the coffee itself, while okay, does not enthuse me like it did in 2011.

Still, I'd like to see the remaining Stumptown locations that I've not yet wisited--Los Angeles, PDX, and a tasting room at their headquarters in Portland.
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