I first noticed a sign for Mammoth while rushing to my Scrabble tournament on Saturday morning, and then on Sunday morning while at Cherry Espresso, the barista/owner included the cafe among the recommendations that she tossed my way.

Mammoth became a regular spot for me for the rest of my time in New Orleans (during the North American Scrabble Championship) because it was within walking distance, but also because they carry coffee from Madcap, a roaster that has never disappointed me.

They brew individual cups using the Seraphim brewer, and after a few days I decided that I did not enjoy that brewer as much as a pour over done with a V60, Kalita Wave, or Chemex, but nevertheless that Madcap roast is so consistently delicious that Mammoth Espresso will become a regular go-to when I am in New Orleans.

The space itself also appeals to me, with a bright, white, minimalist wibe, tall tables and wifi. Unfortunately, the tall tables are not near an electrical outlet, but that's not a problem if one has somewhere else to charge.
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