Proving that it pays to chat with baristas (if they are willing) as much as possible, I got the recommendation for this cafe, Hopper & Burr, in Santa Ana, from the uber-friendly barista at Barber Bistro in faraway Evansville, IN!

SoCal has so much coffee that I'm not sure I would have stumbled across this place otherwise, but I'm sure glad that I made it my first coffee stop of the morning.

Right now they serve Madcap, St. Frank's, and a newer Colorado roaster named Color, and I enjoyed a pretty decent Kenyan roast from St. Frank's.

It's the space, though, that I loved right away, completely minimalist, all white through and through--perfect for working without distracting, or just for allowing the imagination to roam wild, in the absence of artwork or funky furnishings.
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