The drip coffee designated as light, a Nicaraguan, was too dark for my taste, but I would still have given this place, Racy D'Lenes another shot my next time through Eau Claire, except for the attitude of the staff.

The first barista/cashier I asked about the coffee did not seem to keen on answering, and she referred me back to another employee. She did answer my questions, but she made me feel like I was bothering her by asking.

Meanwhile, the owner was standing behind her, and she could have called him over and said that there was a customer who was interested in the coffee, but she did not not.

Finally, that first barista/cashier kept glancing over at me, the only brown-skinned person in the place, near as I could tell. My ethnicity probably had nothing to do with it--it might have been my backpack, or my camera--but regardless, I do not like being eyed as if I were up to no good.

Too bad, because the place had a kitschy, wibrant atmosphere.
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