TAP has a few locations, and I walked to this one, just minutes from my current hostel in Soho, expecting to try coffee from Square Mile or Has Bean, which is what the London's Best Coffee app specified.

The app has been spot on since I started using it on Sunday, but this time around the information was out of date, although if you go to the page for TAP on the London's Best Coffee website...


...it does specify that TAP has been roasting for three years.

Anyway, when I asked for a recommendation fitting my usual preference, a lighter roast and a sweeter taste, the barista recommended the Colombia La Nogalera, and the V60 brew turned out excellent.

The cafe is not small, but I was only able to see one outlet, already in use, and that of course would limit the amount of time I can spend here unless that other customer moves).

I arrived shortly before 10 AM, and the cafe was not that busy, but as 10:30 approached, the atmosphere turned quite lively!
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