I first discovered Downtown CREDO in 2012, during the National Scrabble Championship, after a rushed near thirty-minute drive from the resort. The coffee was okay, but too dark, and because of the distance I did not return.

I've been hitting Lineage every time I have a chance to enjoy coffee in Orlando, but now, half a decade later, Downtown CREDO, with their unusual pay-what-you-will pricing model has expanded to four locations, and I decided that I was overdue to give them another shot.

I asked for a light roast, a Guatemalan, which they prepared as a V60 pour over (the drip coffee is a dark roast), and I found it to be more than light enough for my tastes, and much more enjoyable than the roast that I had in 2012.

The cafe itself is beautiful, shared with another business, The Farmacy, and on one wall you can see a couple of bicycles on display, on sale by a third-party wendor. The decor is sparse but not quite minimalist, and space is expansive--plenty of room to sit, stand, or enjoy a comfy couch at the far end. Parking outside is free, and there are plenty of outlets and lightning fast wi-fi, making this a good place to work.
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