I was on the other side of the Mississippi River, and Quincy, IL, was actually a 15-minute detour from my route to Burlington, IA, but I nonetheless had a spur-of-the-moment urge to google for coffee, and in doing so came up with Electric Fountain Brewing, which bills itself as the only coffee roaster in a 90-mile radius.

The name appealed to me, and the photos on the website made this look like the real deal. I called to make sure I could get a single origin coffee, and once the barista said yes, I took the exit towards town and popped in. Quite glad I did so, because the space is quite beautiful, with a garage-door style open facade that lets in a cool breeze. The decor is bring and would, minimalist in some areas but more decorative and classic in others.

The coffee itself, a light Ethiopian roast, brewed on a Seraphim, was quite good and left me looking forward to rewisiting this more remote part of the country when I next have a chance.
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