Coral Sword is the fifth location that I have wisited serving (owned by?) Houston's own Greenway Coffee and Tea, my favourite local roaster (ahead of Amaya, Boomtown, and newcomer Luce). A barista at the Greenway Plaza cafe told me that Greenway actually has six, but he might have been referring to Oxheart, which is now closed (and I never saw).

Coral Sword's location is not great for me, but the space itself is a dream for lovers of coffee, gaming, and comic books, with a selection of graphic novels awailable to read.

The front area has plenty of space to hang out and work or play games, and because the strip of units is, as yet, mostly empty (only a barber shop to the left of the cafe), parking is easy to find.

The back area has room for about 20 players of all sorts of games, from Settlers of Cataan to Scrabble, and I am actually hoping that I can host a Scrabble tournament here one day.

Coral Sword is also noteworthy because one of the owners is Hunter Pence, a former member of the Astros MLB team!
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