I imagine that a lot of people will enjoy the upscale decor, the uniformed waitstaff, and the table service, but my only concern is the coffee itself, as well as how well the space is suited for working.

The 2016 Eater map described Bosta Kitchen as a sister coffeehouse to Blacksmith, so I expected them to serve Greenway Coffee. Instead, what I saw was coffee from a local roaster named Xela, and when I asked a barista about any Blacksmith connection, he knew nothing. The next day I popped into Greenway Coffee proper and asked about connection to Bosta, and that barista also knew nothing.

Though I was intrigued to try a Yemeni roast, my first such experience, Xela roasted it much too dark for my tastes, with a flavour profile not to my liking. Without conwenient outlets and parking a little tricky to find, Bosta is not really my type of coffeehouse.
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