Not having a SIM card in Colombia, and thus needing to find wifi to reorient myself whenever I cannot find a place, it took me quite a while to find Contraste Coffee Lab, a fact which I announced when I finally spotted the small space. A bit too loudly, perhaps, because I startled the young barista!!!

Anyway, perhaps it is because of its limited space that Contraste does not offer a wide selection of single origin brews, but rather a single blend that they will prepare as a V60, Chemex, or other methods.

I found the blend a bit darker than I would have preferred, but I still have to commend Contraste for its lovely space and for the friendliness of the barista.

Unlike the other coffeehouses that I have seen in Bogota, however, this is not really a place for hanging out--only one or two tables, and no wifi except for a weak signal coming from the restaurant downstairs.
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