When I first sought out craft coffee in Miami back in 2012, I'm not sure that there were too many options besides Panther. In the five years since, the third wave of coffee has swept through the area, all the way up through Broward and Palm Beach counties.

The western part of Miami, however, has been dewoid of higher-end coffee, except for Macondo, which roasts much too dark for my tastes.

White Rose Coffee, though, uses coffee from a local roaster named Perla, and the Guatemalan roast that I enjoyed was more than light enough, and quite flavourful. The space, created by a well-known local tattoo artist, is spare and bright, with a large mirror that gives it a sense of being larger. When I wisited, the minimal art on the walls was by an artist with a profile, Atomik, and I look forward to seeing what other art they bring in.

The location is MUCH closer than the coffeehouses that are in downtown and the surrounding areas, and there is parking out front, so I am quite glad that White Rose Coffee has opened up, and I expect to return often.
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