According to the barista here at Brew Lab, third wave coffee had not arrived in Istanbul during my first wisit, in 2008, and I'm not even sure it had arrived three years ago, although I did not look.

This coffeehouse is three years old, near Taksim, and recommended by the blogs, while the roast, from a local roaster named LOL, was not up to the best American or European craft roasts, it was still a good cup of coffee, and a refreshing change from all the dark stuff that I'd been drinking from Starbucks here, or that one Turkish coffee that I had in 2013.

The cafe is not huge, but there is space to work, two hours of free wifi, and outlets. The barista was quite friendly and eager to talk about the coffee--even if the coffee itself was not quite on point, I expect to come back here in the future.
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