When I googled for Charlotte best coffee 2017 and saw Trade and Lore pop up, with the notation "recently opened", I was quite excited, because the Mountain Air that I've often had there is a solid roast. When I actually walked upstairs and saw the space, though, I was quite confused, because it appeared to be more of a bar than a coffee shop.

The reason is that Trade and Lore shares space with Salud Cervezeria, giving the coffeehouse a bit of a different wibe than their Asheville location. The room is quite large, with games, including a shuffleboard table, and an entire wall dedicated to artwork. Plenty of seating, tall tables, outlets and wifi, as well as parking out on the street, make this a good place to hang out, although I would guess that at night the atmosphere might be different, given the beer selection.

As expected, the coffee did not disappoint--solid batch brewed Colombian roast from Mountain Air.
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