I am hopelessly behind on indie coffee in Chicago, in no small part because Starbucks has just gotten ridiculous here in the last half decade, opening or relocating a whopping 94 Chicagoland stores since September 2011, thus keeping me too busy to focus on craft coffee. Additionally, artisanal coffee continues to expand, as you can see from this blog and map...


I chose Bridgeport because it was along my route into the city from Western Springs, and also because I'd not been to any indie coffeehouses in this part of Chicago. Perhaps because it is a bit further out, Bridgeport Coffeehouse benefits from A LOT of space--four separate seating rooms in fact, housed in a rather homey building. Wifi, outlets, and plenty of street parking outside make this a good place to hang out.

The roast itself might be a little dark for my tastes--I had a medium body coffee from El Salvador, but I'd still give them another try if I ever get a chance, perhaps a lighter pour over.
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