Scrabblewise, last weekend was mediocre, but I did make a lot of progress trying out independent cafes in Broward County, using this article as a guide...

I started out with Sip Java, which was literally right across the street from the bridge club where my tournament was, but unfortunately I was running so late on Saturday morning that I had to rush in and out with a blend, rather than a single origin pour over.

Also, I was excited to re-experience Anodyne Coffee, which I remembered trying a few years earlier in Milwaukee. Unfortunately, they stopped serving Anodyne and instead use a local Miami roaster. I won't be able to really decide if I like them, or not, until I have time to go back and try a single origin.

Because of my rush, I was not really able to take in the space, but it is larger, with ample natural lighting, and plenty of parking in the plaza. My guess is that they have wifi and outlets, and I did see plenty of people hanging out.

I've still other cafes to check off my list, but I hope I can rewisit Sip soon.
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