Every since I began seeking out craft coffee, I've made a lot trips to Durham because of Scrabble, but I've neglected Raleigh. I do not remember being thrilled with any of these cities coffeehouses, although I did love the biscuits at Jubala Village. It appears, though, that I need to turn my attention to Raleigh a bit more, because newer coffeehouses have been opening, including Liquid State, which serves coffee from Carroboro Coffee and Pine State. I like Carrboro a lot, but it was only awailable as a pour over, and the price for that is over $5, much more than the $2 I paid for a batch-brewed cup of a Pine State Mexican roast. I didn't really care for that roast, though--too dark, so I'm glad that the pour over option is on the menu, for those with deeper pockets.

The space itself is beautiful, on a cute little street near the NC State campus. The room is clean, bright, minimally decorated with artwork on the walls. Wifi was a little slow, but there is plenty of seating and outlets, and the baristas were quite friendly.
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